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March, 2018

Branding, Type design, Print, Website


Affinity is not just another IT consultant on the market. It is the Consultant where people truly make a career to feel fulfilled: Apply for a job, receive a Lifetime Experience. The website should reflect this mindset and appeal to a fresh and relevant IT universe without falling into the obvious universe of competitors.


The main goal was to distance from "Best Place to Work" website and promote Affinity competencies in a relevant but irreverent way. The animals are used as metaphors for the supply: A wise owl for Nearshoring, friendly and reliable meerkats (Outsourcing) and a hand from the future (Software) set the tone for the affinity experience of future customers and IT's.


Affinity, having a unique position in the market, realized that the website should follow, or even surpass, the concept of Lifetime Experience. Strongly based on rebranding Affinity, the cadence and pace of the scrolling site reveal the content in an interactive and relevant way. Relevant and without fats, the "fun" side has been replaced by the "fresh" and welcoming of a company that wants the best of its partners.

The careers section is a key tool for entry of new human resources and is perfectly integrated into the Affinity HR process through the Keywork tool.


  • XX Festival Clube Criativos - Silver, Best UI

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