Couro Azul

Leather On The Move

February, 2018

Rebranding, Website, Video Art direction


Couro Azul (Blue Leather in english) is a strong player on the automotive market.

With clients such as Porsche, Volvo, Mercedes and VW, Couro Azul holds an impressive record of over 56 millions steering wheels served since 1998 and needed an impressive website to match the leader automobile presence of the company.


The website is clearly targeted for the automotive/railway/aircraft markets with a
respectful tribute to the company remarkable 78 years heritage.


  • Awwwards - Site of the day, 20th Feb'18
  • Awwwards - Site of the month, February
  • XX Festival Clube Criativos - Gold, Best Website
  • XX Festival Clube Criativos - Gold, Best UI
  • CSS Winner - Site of the day, 19th Feb'18
  • Webby Awards - Corporate Honoree 2018
  • THeFWA - Site of the day, 21st Feb'18

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