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July, 2017

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Panike is the leading supplier of frozen bakery and confectionery in Portugal. It’s one of the few brands whose product name is confused with the company name, but other than that detail few will know that they consume Panike products every day.

The goal of the website is to increase brand awareness among consumers and to publicize that Panike goes beyond Panikes, in fact has more than 350 products in addition to that, and to allow product resellers to have access to the product catalog easily and intuitive.


The website is divided into two parts. The first one is the brand positioning towards consumers (B2C) revealing 4 cinemagraphs of quiet moments of consumption "Panike Moments". This section is equiped with custom made music and field recordings and with the unfolding of the product classes for immediate awareness of the available range.

The product section, as the printed catalog, is directed to the resellers (B2B) where they have the total offer of products including the novelties. Only commercial establishments can order the products, but everyone interested in the Panike world has access to the range of products.


Since launching on February 26, 2017 for the 22nd Gulfood 2017 - in Dubai, the website had more than 20,000 page views, with a 6-minute session average, being viewed by more than 6,000 users from 59 different countries.


  • Creative Frontend - Site of the day, 10th Jul'17
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  • CSS Design Awards - Site of the day, 16th Jul'17
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