Duration of project: 36 months

Digital transformation, Innovation, Service development, Website, Data visualisation


Everybody in the energy industry knew Statoil, but radical new ideas and solutions to their business challenges did not come from their network. Int was given the task of improving quality of ideas from a broader audience, enabling new and innovative solutions on their most pressing business challenges.


Int. assisted Statoil in the commercialization of ideas, by creating a platform for open innovation. Working close with Statoil's Innovation department to set up a system for receiving challenges from the organization, communicating for an external audience and placing it on the open innovation platform. Also, assisting in ensuring distribution and handling of incoming ideas.


  • Business development
  • Design of open innovation service and digital ecosystem
  • Website
  • Communication design of challenges
  • Results

    5 major open innovations completed. All with potential savings of hundreds of millions. This programme led to a cross- industry collaboration with GE, focused on open innovation.

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