Let the story be your guide

October, 2016

Brand Extension, Website, App Design


Storytrail is an website with carefully curated stories on the format of video guides. It features hundreds of small video stories per city that needed to be served through a browser without loosing fluidity and performance. The brief was to get a very straightforward and graphically simple with the key idea that the user never gets drowned with information and never gets lost.


The solution was to create a website where after choosing the city/trail you would have absolute control over what to see next and where the story is situated. The user has 2 important ways to navigate: on the timeline that is an extension of the identity, and on the map if you never want to loose the geographic relation of the stories towards the city map.


The website is also profoundly optimised for mobile with lower quality videos for obvious bandwidth restrictions for roaming that a majority of tourists experiences. We also developed an app with an offline mode so that the users would have the city full contents right on the smart phone.


  • European Design Awards - Silver, Digital - Website
  • Awwwards - Site of the day, 24th Jan'17
  • CSS Design Awards - Site of the day, 28th Jan'17
  • Creative Frontend - Site of the day, 5th Apr'17
  • Communication Arts - 2018 Interactive Competition, Shortlist
  • Communication Arts - Webpick of the week, 4th Aug’17

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